The Solution:

Implanta provides its tools for companies or market intelligence departments to create projects with collected data from varied sources to automatically generate strategic information of Market Intelligence for consumption or sale, on a daily basis.

Main Available Informations:

  • It varies according to the intelligence project to be created.

Solution Composition:

Data Extractor 2.0 application

 An own solution built with artificial intelligence capabilities and designed to automatically capture data from both public and private databases for competitive intelligence.

Integrator Application Implanta

 A solution prepared to receive the collected data conducting more than 150 checks on the integrity of the data.


In these years of evolution of the solution, we have developed our own methodology for the implementation (remote), data processing and maintenance services, and information audit.

Aplicativo Instant Manager

100% web analytics solution designed to deliver the resulting information to/in charts, tables, data cubes, maps and e-mail alerts.


The services of Implanta guarantee the most reliable data on the market with an accuracy of 99.8% in relation to the original data.

Remote Services

Our implementation and support are carried out remotely, lowering project costs.


Our commercial model for market intelligence is to partner for results.


Implanta realizes totally/carries out completely customized projects, adjusting the solution to the demands of the client.

For the solution of problems we give all the technology and service of maintenance support of the information so that our partner focuses on the interpretation of the data and commercial action of the projects.

Serves research institutes, consultancies specialized in market intelligence, marketing companies and large industries with active market intelligence area.

Do we have the right solution for your business?

Expected Benefits:

  • Provision of specialized market intelligence

  • Strategic Partnerships

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