Implanta IT Solutions is a company specialized in data integration and has been operating for more than 6 years, generating strategic information for its customers through its resale channel integration solution that allows the real-time connection of manufacturers and distributors with its resale channels and customers, generating more than a dozen different utilities for the integrated data.


Implanta's solutions, made up of software and services, were developed 100% internally using their own technology that generated greater control over the technological evolution and quality of the services offered. Working with customized projects and taking into account the technological and infrastructural barriers of the Brazilian and South American market, Implanta simplifies the integration process by providing its own EDI applications (Electronic Data Interchange), as well as processing and Analysis of the data collected.


Implanta is growing in its market thanks to the creation of simple, reliable solutions with high data quality (accuracy) at low costs. The main differentials of Implanta are the great experience in data integration with advanced knowledge in the best technologies of extraction and integration of resale channels.

Quality Policy

Implanta zeals for the excellence and quality of its products and services and in 2015 obtained

the MPS-BR level F certification, for its software development processes, for this:

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