Quality and Reliability of Extracted Data

Implanta specializes in automatically extracting data from any source, processing and organizing this data, and sharing the resulting strategic information for each agent in a value chain, considering their need and availability.


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We currently have projects in

Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.

Implanta helps us understand our customers' sales to consumers. We have evolved our partnership over the years and work together on continuous improvement.


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Market Intelligence - Suvinil Inks


Sell More!

Does your company want to sell more to your distributors and resellers, and that these channels also sell more to the end customer?

Is your communication with your sales channels effective?

Your business can improve its sales by tracking the sales behavior of its channels in real time so that it can proactively support them to sell more.




Do your resellers wish to simplify the sales and stock replenishment process, by automating sales orders?

How can your company ensure that there will be stock replenishment on regular customers of all portfolio items automatically and take into account the seasonality and unexpected market variations?

Keep track on the volume of stock of your products at your resellers', on a daily basis, and compare it against the desired minimum and maximum in inventory, as well as against historical orders to estimate a replacement order.

How can your company be competitive without updated information on its market?

Does your sales team have all the information needed to make a winning approach to your customers?

Develop market to provide your departments with competitive price information, Market Share, economic indicators and other strategic information for your business.

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Your company is not alone.

Learn to follow your production chain (distributors, resellers, retailers, end customers, competitors, influencers) for the best sales decisions.

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