The Solution:

The Electronic Stock Replacement Solution is comprised of software and services tailored to enable the industry or distributor to replenish their customers' inventory automatically, backed by powerful demand assessment algorithms. Automate the replenishment of your products in your customer's inventory reducing logistical costs, stockout or excess products in stock.

Main Available Informations:

  • Sales order in XML format to be integrated with ERP of Industry or Distributor with data of each integrated customer considering the business rules, combined prices and replacement terms.

Solution Composition:

Data Extractor 2.0 application

 Own solution built with artificial intelligence capabilities and designed to automatically capture the inventory position, the minimum and maximum stock of products agreed between industry / distributor and the customer.

Integrator Application Implanta

 Solution prepared to receive the collected data conducting more than 150 checks on the integrity of the data.


In these years of evolution of the solution, we have developed our own methodology for the implementation (remote), data processing and maintenance services, and information audit.

Instant Manager application

A Solution prepared with powerful algorithms that will cross the extracted data and create sales orders in XML format to be sent to the ERP of the Industry / Distributor.


Speed in the calculation of customer demands, generating more sales.

Low Investment

Lower costs of sales in the service of the Industry / Distributor.

Ideal for solving
problems such as:

Absence of seller on customer
Combat competitors at the client
Gondola break

Serves industries and distributors
that sell directly to retail.

Expected Benefits:

  • Increased sales

  • Reducing business costs

  • Prompt response to competition

  • Release of sellers for more consultative work

  • Proactivity of the commercial team

Do we have the right solution for your business?

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