The Solution:

The Distribution Visibility Solution by Implanta is made up of specially designed software and services developed in the last 10 years to enable industries from various segments that operate with indirect sales (through distribution and resale channels) to obtain daily sell out data and inventory position of your sales channels.

Main Available Informations

  • Retail sales information

  • Positivation clients

  • Channel customer data

  • Product's end prices

  • Customer share at reseller

  • Market potential

  • Analysis of product performance, with ranking, margin, turnover, lack of stock

  • Stock position

  • Product batch traceability

Solution Composition:

Data Extractor 2.0 application

 Own solution built with artificial intelligence features and designed to automatically capture combined data between distributor / reseller and industry.

ImplantaIT Integrator Application

 Solution prepared to receive the collected data conducting more than 150 checks on the integrity of the data.


In these years of evolution of the solution we have developed our own methodology for the implementation (remote), data processing and maintenance services, and information audit.

Instant Manager Application

100% web analytics solution designed to deliver the resulting information in charts, tables, data cubes, maps and e-mail alerts.


The services of Implanta guarantee the most reliable data of the market with accuracy of 99.8% in relation to the origin data.

Remote Services

Our implementation and support are carried out completely remote, lowering project costs.

Low Investment

Our business model is SaaS (software as a service), lowering the initial investment.


Implanta realizes totally customized projects, adjusting the solution to the demands of the client.

Ideal for solving
problems such as:

Stock / Gondola Break
Excess Inventory
Loss of customers due to lack of approach
Irregular Portfolio
Whip effect in the supply chain
Invasion of commercially viable geographical areas
Sale of counterfeit goods

Serves industries that make indirect sales
through distributors and resellers.

Do we have the right solution for your business?

Expected benefits:

  • Increased sales

  • Distributor / reseller managed inventory increasing channel competitiveness

  • Inputs for Industry CRM projects with the final consume

  • Improvement of logistics

  • Support for relationship programs

  • Optimization of sales prices

  • Prompt response to competition

  • Proactivity of the commercial team

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